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Thread: Beware of Scammers!

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    Lightbulb Beware of Scammers!

    The internet has no shortage of scammers and we don't expect this site to be exempt from such activity. Note that this forum has two primary moderators operating under the following aliases as of 12/10/17:
    1) HSO
    2) Kia Stingers Forum

    Please be advised as well that personnel will not ask you for financial or even account password information.
    If you feel as if your account has been compromised or you have been approached/victimized by a scammer then contact us immediately via email at

    A few tips to avoid scams:
    - When trading/buying/selling items, try to find the reputation of the individual via the "Reputations" forum:
    - Do not give personal information if you do not feel comfortable. When trading for tangible items try to meet in an area with other people present.
    - Is someone asking you to send gift cards or money via wire, Western Union, MoneyGram? This is likely a scam.

    - nor it's affiliates are not responsible for any buyer/seller disputes.
    - Any reputation feedback for a user of this forum is voted upon by its users and not by us.
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