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Thread: Templates, Rules, & Tips

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    Lightbulb Templates, Rules, & Tips

    This sub-forum was created to aid users during the buy/sell process so individuals can be confident when making a transaction.
    - If you have paid a user for an item but never received it, you've tried contacting them numerous times to no avail then post it here.
    - If a user was great to work with, fast shipping, responsive and generally good to work with then post it here.

    A few things:
    - Search for the individual's name within the forum before you post so we can have one thread per individual.
    - Try not to jump the gun with accusations. Be reasonable, get the facts, then post.
    - False information will not be tolerated. If you leave two false positive/negative remarks then you will be banned - first a warning will be given then, after the second infraction, preventative measures will be taken for you to prohibit your access to the site.

    1) Subject
    - Alias / Real Name / Email Address

    EG: KIAEnthusiast009 / John Doe /

    2) Body
    - State what happened (services/items exchanged), dates, amount exchanged (if desired), and anything else relevant to the transaction.
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